The Flexound® Story

Flexound was born under the amazing Finnish aurora borealis.

Requested by his wife, the inventor Jukka, PhD in acoustics and a violinist, created the first instrument that transformed plain music into a magical combination of high-quality sound and distributed vibration. Meant first to be a therapy tool for children only, the team quickly realized that this game-changing innovation feels so good and makes one so happy that it must be offered to everyone. 

Jukka Linjama, who has a PhD in sound and vibration technology and has also worked for Nokia, wanted to create something new that would help his wife Mirja, an occupational therapist, in her work with disabled and autistic children. This wish gave first birth to a soothing, vibrating mattress. Through many stages and a great deal of teething troubles, the feelsound player that is now known as Taikofon was born.

Inside the pillow-like Taikofon is an instrument - the Flexound® Xperience - that creates both sound and distributed vibration in unison. Taikofon is successfully used now as a therapy tool, but the team quickly realized that the Flexound® Xperience creates a completely new dimension to listening music. The innovation is game-changing and must be offered to everyone.  

Designed and Engineered in Finland

Of course in Finland. Where else?

The Home of Flexound: Finland, Finland, Finland.

It’s a country with more saunas than personal cars, with 187 888 fresh water lakes, midnight sun and vast uninhabited forest areas. Its people speak one of the most difficult languages on the globe and drink more coffee than anyone. The tiny nation tops global statistics in equality, education, anti-corruption, patents and innovations. No wonder that Finland with its clean air and Northern location is also the home of both Santa Claus and the Flexound® Xperience.

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Flexound Systems Ltd.
The company behind Flexound® Xperience. Founded in 2013 and based in Espoo, Finland, in Northern Europe. The company is independent and privately owned by Finnish and international partners. Flexound Systems Ltd. adheres to the highest standards of quality, equality and sustainability. 


Flexound Systems Ltd. works with various partners internationally. We believe in creative interaction in a network. Here are some of the parties who contribute to our development:


We work together with TEKES to develop the game-changing technology even further.

Pennanen Design 

The award winning designer Pasi Pennanen is our trusted head designer. Hanna Oksanen stands for many of the graphical designs and Ilkka Riihonen has been the man behind the camera. 

Ernst & Young

An auditing, consulting and legal partner.


Our partner in helping us to manage growth.


Customers are our most valuable partners.

We keep our customer relationships confidential until the customer himself is ready to launch and announce the new products that are Boosted by Flexound® Xperience.
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Finland photos on this page by Antti Pitkänen, Jorma Liehu and Pete Heck / Visit Finland