It's all about the execution

mervi heinaro
11 November 2016

Think. Nurture the idea. Collect the team. Make the plan. Execute it. (Exit.)

It sounds soooo easy. It is easy. Just do it.

And why isn’t it in reality? Why do many start-ups (and human beings) fail to tap into their full potential?

Since I joined a start-up and became an entrepreneur I’ve been intrigued by the above questions. And finally, it was last Wednesday afternoon that I saw the light. (Well, that’s in theory only, since we are in Finland and in November you do not see the light after 4 pm. Welcome to my beautiful country of the midnight sun).

Thinking. Most people do that. But only a few people are apt (and not too busy with their smart phones) to think, think and once more re-think to catch those ideas that can make a difference. Thorough thinking, pondering and inventing is tedious. Making something out of an idea requires an effort and refining the idea even more. Human nature kills most of the brilliant ideas before others even hear about them. We Finns are famous for inventing a lot of crazy stuff, but we need to get better in nurturing and commercializing them, though there are signs of a change here.

Everyone says the team is important. I would say that the individuals are more important than the team in the very start-up phase, but the further we grow, and the more people we have the more important is the team culture we have.  Who we are, why we ae, how we are? I believe that if the individuals in a start-up grow and thrive, so will the company. Attract, develop, retain. Pick people that create trust. Pick different people. Respect each other.

Making the plan a.k.a. the strategy is the easy piece as there are apps, platforms, tools, frameworks, theories, textbooks, gurus and consultants that do the thing for you and facilitate your thinking.

It is after this the real work starts and the start-ups either make it or not. The execution. EXECUTION!

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