New era of entertainment: feel the sound

mervi heinaro
18 November 2016

Radio was developed in the 1890’s, movies with sound in the 1920’s. Flexound was born in 2015.

It was in the 1890's that the technology that we know as radio was developed and the first radio station opened in England. Movies or the live pictures soon followed, but it was not until the 1920's when films were equipped with sound. For hundred years we have been using only our ears and eyes to enjoy films, music, games, VR and all other audiovisual content. There is a huge amount of different devices that we can use to entertain us and unlimited content available. Something however has been missing: the sense of touch!

Human beings are feeling creatures with six! senses. It’s time to add the sense of touch to audiovisual entertainment and start a new era. Flexound has invented and patented feelsound technology that easily adds a whole new dimension to all music, films or any digital audiovisual content.

With Flexound Xperience you can finally start feeling the music! Hurraa!

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Flexound HUMU Smart Cushion to be launch soon - look out for more news.

Meet us at SLUSH Music and Slush in Helsinki on November 29-December 1 to start feeling the music