Silver medal for Flexound from KasvuOpen

1 November 2016

Flexound has had a successful season in the start-up boxing ring: we took a silver medal among the start-ups in the biggest Finnish growth coaching event and competition KasvuOpen. Over 700 Finnish growth companies participated in the program that ran for several months and included both regional and industry specific workshops, coaching and a pitching competition.

Flexound Systems took part in the Helsinki region KasvuOpen and by winning that in June this year, we qualified for the national finals held in Jyväskylä his October. Out of the 80 finalists, we were awarded with the silver medal (first runner-up price) among the start-up companies.

Leading Finnish VCs and business angels were the judges and it felt great to hear their feedback: "Flexound steps out of the crowd with their attitude. Flexound Systems has a unique idea and a "rocking" product. The terms "feelsound" and "feelness" invented by the company decribe well the new dimension of experiencing the sounds. At best this may become something really big. The product of the company fits well for both the wellness- and the experience markets"

Business is not about competitions or about piching, but KasvuOpen program has given us new experiences, great contacts, business and investor leads, excellent coaching, nice prizes, wider exposure and publicity and even new friends. It was also so much fun the spread the word about our amazing Flexound Xperience that it makes it worth the time, sweat and resources spent. We'd be a lot poorer without KasvuOpen, in many ways.

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- Espoolainen Flexound Systems pokkasi start-upien hopeamitalin valtakunnallisessa kasvuyrityskilpailussa KasvuOpenissa
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