Starting at Flexound Systems has been an awesome experience.

Heikki Hyyppä
13 February 2017

As we are a rather small team, the essence of being a Start-up is visible. Everybody is doing a little bit of everything, of course we are launching our product in Indiegogo, we have a will do mentality and yes when the coffee capsule machine is running, the cupboard lid will suddenly close down with a huge bang...

Testing our products, HUMU and Taikofon have also been fascinating for me. I consume music quite a lot and therefor especially HUMU has been a great addition to my everyday life. I have also enjoyed greatly presenting HUMU to my friends and family. As an innovative product it is quite an eye catcher and so many people like to try it out and feel the sound.

For sure a new job is supposed to feel a bit special, after all, it is new. Nevertheless, to have the chance to work with so exciting people, new technology and subjects (music and entertainment in general) that are close to my personal interests, I will surely wonder, if this great feeling was to disappear any time soon.

This year is going to be a totally new experience for me, for Flexound Systems and for our future customers.

Last week at a photo shoot I noticed that we have a good and energetic team supporting each other and ensuring a bright future for Flexound Systems.

Now it is good to step further on the path and enable the future.

Let’s stay in touch ;)