Want to have Flexound Xperience?
Flexound® Xperience is modular and can be easily integrated into a variety of host products. With Flexound® Xperience your products can be boosted to entertain and offer the end-users unique audio experiences. With Flexound® Xperience your product stands brightly apart from its peers and gains real added value and differentiation.


  • Flexound® Xperience is a module that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of host products.
  • To begin with, we'll do a quick feasibility study together with you to check the technical capability.
  • Flexound® Xperience module is a branded component.
  • We licence our patented technology to You as the host product brand owner and provide you with the key Flexound® Xperience components needed.
  • We also provide You with the necessary technical and business support to get started.
  • We keep our customer relationships confidential until You are ready to launch and announce your new products that are Boosted by Flexound® Xperience.
  • With Flexound® Xperience Your products stand brightly apart from competition and get attention.

If Your product would gain from a high-quality unique audio experience – then get it Boosted with Flexound® Xperience!

Flexound® Xperience
Designed and Engineered in Finland

So you could feel music!


Photo on the top by Anne Saarinen