What is Flexound® Xperience?
Products that are Boosted by Flexound® Xperience are known for the unique and entertaining listening experience where you feel and hear the music and sounds in unison. But what exactly is the Flexound® Xperience? Is it a loudspeaker? Is it edible? Is it rocket science? It's none of those but all of the following:

It's an instrument.

Flexound® Xperience is based on an unique, pathbraking acoustical Finnish innovation which is patented. The Flexound® Xperience instrument creates balanced high-quality sound and distributed physical vibration which is a hugely pleasurable human experience.

Flexound Xperience is not a loudspeaker but an instrument. It is carefully crafted by creative professionals with a passion to sound and aesthetics. In engineering terms, the solution is elegant and extremely energy efficient: enabling completely wireless operation for hours, if desired. In human terms, Flexound® Xperience is simply pleasurable; great sound quality in an enjoyable package.

It's a component.

Flexound® Xperience is modular and can be easily integrated into a variety of host products. With Flexound® Xperience your products can be boosted to entertain and offer the end-users unique audio experiences. With Flexound® Xperience your product stands brightly apart from its peers and gains real added value and differentiation.

Flexound® Xperience module is the source of sound and vibration that can be perceived on the surface of the end product. It is tailored for each OEM and product to meet the Flexound requirements for sound and feel quality.

For instance, a car or movie seat, gaming chair, office furniture or treatment bench can be equipped with the Flexound® Xperience functionality. The host product can also be a stand-alone audio device - just as You as the host brand owner want. 

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It's a feeling.

Flexound® Xperience creates an ambient sound sphere which you can enjoy with multiple senses in unison. You can hear the music, you can feel the music and immerse into it. Imagine hugging your favorite song, feeling the voice of your loved ones or adding new excitement to your gaming or virtual reality products. It’s a Flexound® Xperience in you.

Music works like a miracle medicine: it has a hugely positive influence on our brains. When you listen to music the amount of the pleasure hormone dopamine and the closeness/touch hormone oxytocin start increasing in your blood, while the amount of stress hormones is reducing. The impact is further enhanced with the feelness and vibration of the music that only Flexound® Xperience can offer. The feelings are definitely ON! 

It's a new dimension to listening.

Music is not only for your ears. With Flexound® Xperience you can enjoy music and sounds also with your skin and body. It offers ambience for your ears, base for your body and clarity for your skin and hearing. Flexound® Xperience creates a completely new dimension to listening.

Flexound® Xperience is the new dimension to listening - what the listener enjoys. The novel way of listening boosted by Flexound® Xperience offers three unique benefits:

a) Ambience - surrounding soundscape for your ears.
b) Base - boosted bass kick for your body.
c) Clarity - ease of speech when listening with your skin and ears in unison.


Case Taikofon Therapy

This innovative and unique FeelSound Player is a boosted by Flexound Xperience.
The brilliant therapy tool born in 2015 is now available in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany.

Flexound® Xperience
Designed and Engineered in Finland

So you could feel music!