Let your skin do the listening.
Flexound Augmented Audio adds the sensation of touch to audio-visual listening experience: music, games, television, streaming, or movies.  We enhance your customer experience by integrating our patented Flexound Augmented Audio technology module into car seats, theater seating, furniture, gaming devices, or wherever personal 3D surround immersion adds value.
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What is Flexound Augmented Audio?

Products boosted by Flexound Augmented Audio bring immersive sound and unique entertainment experience. But what is Flexound Augment Audio? It's a component. It's an instrument. It's a new dimension to listening. Most of all: it's a feeling! 

It's a component.

Flexound Augmented Audio is modular and can be easily integrated into a variety of host products. With Flexound your products can be boosted to entertain and offer the end-users unique audio experiences. With Flexound your product stands brightly apart from its peers and gains real added value and differentiation.

It's an instrument.

Flexound Augmented Audio is based on a patented, path breaking acoustical innovation. Flexound Augmented Audio instrument creates balanced high-quality sound and distributed physical vibration that is a pleasurable human experience.

It's a completely new dimension to listening.

Music is not only for your ears. Now you can feel the sound. Imagine hugging your favorite song, or adding excitement to your gaming or VR products. Flexound Augmented Audio creates a completely new dimension to listening.

It's a feeling.

Flexound Augmented Audio creates an ambient sound sphere, which you can enjoy with multiple senses in unison. You can hear the music, you can feel the music, and immerse into it. It offers ambience for your ears, base for your body, and clarity for your skin and hearing. 

Flexound Augmented Audio changes the consumer behaviour in entertainment. Once you've tried it, you cannot go without. If you can feel the music, why would you ever again want to listen with your ears only.

Our Team.

 Flexound - The Augmented Audio Company has a versatile, global team. We believe in creative flexecution based on high ambition, smart solutions and common sense. Meet some of our key people:

Tommi Immonen

COO and a partner. Tommi is a champion of projects and engineering. And details. There isn't a (interesting) topic he has not studied. When not testing a new product with his oscillator, Tommi is probably telling you a story...

Mervi Heinaro

CEO and a partner. Mervi has strong international business background in various industries e.g. at McKinsey & Company, Metsä Group and Baltic Beverages Holding. When not serving her customers, she is running in forests or practicing her stroke for a next triathlon race.


Jukka Linjama

CTO and a partner. Jukka is the doctor of the house. Immersed in acoustics, vibration and Flexound Augmented Audio. As an inventor, musician, and designer you may find him skiing during the day and in the labs during the night.

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